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Welcome to Flagstaff Christian School

Where students learn in a Christ-centered and nurturing atmosphere.

We want to welcome you as you explore Flagstaff Christian School for Kindergarten through 10th grade. We are located in the heart of Coconino County in the beautiful Flagstaff mountains.

It is the mission of FCS to work together with the family to provide a Christ-centered and rigorous education that is built on the foundation of a biblical worldview.  It is our deepest desire to see every student come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and to discover His unique plan for their lives.

We wish you well in the application process and would like to invite you to take a gander and see what life is like for students.

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Our Philosophy

Where students learn in a Christ-centered and nurturing atmosphere.

At FCS, we believe that every student is a child of God and that each one possesses unique gifts and abilities given to them by their Creator.  It is our most earnest desire to see every student come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and to discover what their God-given purpose is in this life. From that foundation, the goal for each FCS student is that they excel in intellectual preparedness, Christian discipleship, servant leadership and cultural influence.

All classes and curriculum are taught from a Biblical worldview. We are intentional and creative in helping God’s Word to be planted in their hearts, assisting them in making it applicable their everyday lives.

We believe that the family unit is the biggest key to a student’s success. Our school exists, therefore, to partner with and serve the parents in that education without replacing the family’s role.

FCS will work together with families, the Christian church and the community to provide students with a compass for life through a challenging Christ-centered education and a solid Biblical foundation.

Our Teachers

Mrs. Raynsford has over 25 years of teaching experience in the private school sector. She is passionate about teaching students and makes the material come alive in the classroom. Mrs. Raynsford recently has moved to the role of Administrator and we are thankful for her wonderful leadership! She loves our students and provides them with a safe, Christ-centered, highly academic, and fun learning environment. Mrs. Raynsford is at FCS because, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There can be no division between that being the core of my being and what I pour into the lives I am entrusted with day after day and year after year. FCS gives me the priviledge to partner with what are students’ parents are instilling as truth and what our Creator has laid as the foundation for this world.”

Mrs. Raynsford, Administrator

Mrs. Manci joined FCS in 2003 and has been instrumental in shaping the lives of our youngest students. Mrs. Manci loves to teach because she loves that children are so real, honest and see things simply. She loves being at a Christian school where she can teach them about Jesus in everyday situations. She has a bachelor’s from NAU in early education with a minor in psychology and is on the Coconino County Search and Rescue Team.

Mrs. Manci, Teacher Kindergarten

Mrs. Pierce’s animation and creativity in the classroom is perfectly paralleled with her content knowledge. She is thankful to be a part of the FCS family. “I love doing what God made me for; loving, guiding, and enjoying the students He has given me.” Her family recently relocated back to Flagstaff after serving a mission in Kenya.

Mrs. Pierce, Teacher 1st & 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dolle is a fantastic addition to FCS. She comes to us as a very experienced and gifted woman who has been a classroom teacher, substitute teacher, church camp counselor, Children’s Ministry Assistant, and much more! Her goal is for every child to feel welcomed, safe, and loved, and successful at school. Her classroom fosters a Godly learning environment where goals are attainable, individualistic learning styles are encouraged, and children are pointed to Jesus daily through academia and discipline.

Mrs. Dolle, Teacher 3rd & 4th Grade

Miss Pickens is in her second year with our FCS team. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education from NAU. Miss Pickens enjoys encouraging children to live God-centered lives while inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Miss Pickens, Teacher 5th & 6th Grade

Mrs. Wilson taught for 15 years at FUSD prior to coming to FCS. She is a dynamic teacher who knows how to connect with middle school students and loves spending time teaching the 7th and 8th graders everyday. Her favorite verse is Isaiah 40:31 “Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”

Mrs. Wilson, Teacher 7th & 8th Grade

Mrs. Boeck has both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Elementary Education and has been a teacher for 17 years.

Mrs. Boeck, Part-Time Faculty

Miss Foley is a Teacher Aide at the school and  has a strong impact in many areas of academia. She can be found teaching in many areas and many classrooms and with flexibility and a servant’s heart always goes where help is most needed.

Miss Foley, Teacher Aide

Mrs. Richmann has joined us with a wealth of knowledge in Art. She is wonderful at teaching professional pieces to the level of the students so they too can excel in experiencing art.

Mrs. Richmann, Teacher Art

Mrs. Martinez has recently joined us as the Music teacher for the elementary grades.

Mrs. Martinez, Teacher Music

Mrs. Walden has recently joined us as the PE teacher for K-9.

Mrs. Walden, Teacher P.E.

Ms. Page has recently joined us to teach guitar to the middle school students.

Ms. Page, Teacher Music-Guitar

Ms. Martinez has recently joined us to teach piano on the keyboards to the middle school students.

Ms. Martinez, Teacher Music- Keyboard

Our Staff

Heather Stuart manages school payments and accounting.

Heather Stuart, Finance Coordinator

Marisa Bowen manages the front office. She is the first person you’re likely to see when you come into the school.

Marisa Bowen, Office Manager

Melisa Barrick is the PROUD coordinator. Visit our PROUD Page to learn more about PROUD.

Melisa Barrick, PROUD President

Our School Board

Tabor Barrick, President
Rich Bowen, Vice President
Jen Ruddell, Treasurer
Whitney Goble, Secretary
CJ Perry, Voting Member
Jill Anderson, Voting Member
Ken Vaughn, Non-voting Member

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